This most recent project explores coastal landscapes of Britain and overseas.  The investigations centre around land, sea, light and the way in which natural environments affect us emotionally and psychologically, drawing on what we can learn about ourselves from experiences in transient landscapes. 

The images were created whilst moving through the landscape, portraying the landscape through time, as a sense of journey not just a frozen single moment.  Connecting on foot in the landscape allows us to be fully experience nature, engaging the whole and offering a sense of freedom from our often hectic modern lifestyles. 

These abstract images cross the boundaries between painting and photography; where light becomes paint.  Relinquishing resemblance of what we think we know, produces not only a fresh new vision, and an alternative to the convention but also an opportunity to investigate, question and draw one’s own interpretation of the work.  This reflection, can reshapes our perception and heighten our awareness, transforming both viewer and creator alike.

These selected images form the initial enquiry of the first two projects, which commenced in 2018, Korpo, in the Turku Archipelago Finland and the coastal town of Villa Joyosa, Spain.

The project is an ongoing work in progress.

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Twilight Waves

Light Waves Series